Friday, October 10, 2008

Mood Swing Studio

Kristen of Mood Swing has created this darling  "Nie Nie esque" creation to donate to our silent auction. We sell Kristen's jewelry in Domestic Bliss- it is fantastic! Her description of this one of a kind piece below...

It is a chandelier/mobile thingy that IS NOT mean to be near flame or a
lightbulb.  It is decorative ONLY.

Vintage bits and bobs are sprinkled and wired onto a recycled tea light
candle frame (AGAIN, NO CANDLES PLEASE!  ACK!).   Dangly bit is a soldered
(lead free) beveled glass frame of a little girl with the message of "eat
cake" because dangit, life is short!

Thanks so much Kristen!


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Anndeo won!
You won auction # 92 (mood swing mobile) for $80. Please contact us for the final amount with shipping. If you are local, please contact us to schedule a pick up at Blissful Living Studio (166 West Main Street, Mesa Arizona), where you may pay by cash or check.

Thank you for your support!!
Blissfest Team

Reachel Bagley
Nie Recovery Fundraising Coordinator