Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Madame Pumphreys Childrens' Apron

Up for auction is this darling apron from Madame Pumphrey. Why not start your little girl early on being a refined but domestic "Little Lady". Little girls apron is made to fit your 4-6 year old. Pleated skirt, flower pin, red silhouette applique and "Little Lady" embroidered around the applique. Value $80. So darling!
Thanks Christina!


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You won auction # 64 (madame pumphrey booties) for $35. Please contact us for the final amount with shipping. If you are local, please contact us to schedule a pick up at Blissful Living Studio (166 West Main Street, Mesa Arizona), where you may pay by cash or check.

Thank you for your support!!
Blissfest Team