Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Painted Motherhood

This is an oil painting done on canvas. It measures 18 x 24 inches and can be framed or hung as-is. I was inspired to create this painting by my own experiences with motherhood and by a particular drawing that my mother had hanging up in our home while I was a child. It was a sketch of a mother holding her child, and even at a very young age I was drawn to it. I was always comforted by it, but not until I became a mother myself did I fully appreciate the love and sentiment of it. It is my second painting (of hopefully many) that I plan to do focusing on motherhood.

I used two of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso for inspiration towards the style of the painting. In fact, the sky and two trees are taken almost directly from a Klimt painting. The mother in the painting was actually painted from life, the children I added in using photographs. I love how the cheerful colors in this painting counteract the sort of solemn responsibility that the mother seems to express for her children.

I think the painting is appropriate considering Stephanie's intense love for her children that is apparent from reading her blog. She revels in motherhood and finds joy in it, all of it. She also has inspired me to be proud to be a mother. To disregard what the world may say about my choice to stay at home and raise my children, and to help other mothers' realize their worth and immense contributions to the world. So, by celebrating motherhood, this painting most definitely celebrates Nie Nie.

Value: $100.00

Thanks Beth Allen!


peashop said...

I would like to start the bid at $50.

elmaelsiena said...

I bid 100.00